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  • yeah......I completely understand. Tomorrow will start my tough week. (cos of 2exams). btw what are you going to do with that guy?
    how interesting))) and our weather is not so hot as before......more over it rains day by day.......so) your week approachs to the end sooon! How do you feel?
    hi Amyy how are u ?! just want to check on u ?!and i want some help please its my bff bithday and i wroght for her asong can i know what u think about it cuze i dont know any one her and i need a secound mine i will send it to u ^_^

    I'm ok(exept my Uni life).....I'm learning to drive now....already about 2weeks / and I'm so happy with it. I do want to have a car!
    So .......... Whats happend? How are you?
    hey and thanks for exepting my friendship i hoe we can be the best friends ever !!
    I had the same story:nod: it was my friend's friend so I allways asked her to go somewhere with him and with me of cos///and one day we decided to go to the cinema (three together) and at the last moment I've sent him a massage Like: oh you know my friend is too busy or she is ill smth like this ) ) of cos he took the hint ))but agreed to go there with me only:whoo:...so may be you will do the same (find some common friends than hang out with them somewhere and so on)
    yes....actually its true. when we were dating about 3 years I thought that he is my the only soulmate. But after I had my boo I saw all his bad qualities and finally dissapointed in my husband...so we are still living together , but only cos of the son....
    btw I don't know English well enough so sorry if what ok))))):roll:
    and how is your personal life is going?:biggrin1:
    Haha.........and I can't to believe you've been in those countries that you described))))it is still just my dream..
    Honestly I viseted just few cities Moscow, Tomsk and Novosibirsk the coldest was Tomsk)))so I didn't like it .....and Moscow is worth to seeing ....it's big enough and there are a lot of things to do) so many night clubs/cafe /different malls in common it is really nice city....... I like Ru also
    :) yeah) I know it
    I'd like to visit England.......it's so far from us......and so interesting(I've read a lot of books and watched so many movies about Eng.......its really awesome country!
    btw have you ever been in any other foreign countries?
    I so many times was in Russia and Belorussia (it was exciting also)
    Ôîòîãðàôèè Êàçàõñòàíà
    here you can see some pictures of big cities.........may be it will be interesting))))) Honestly I dunno how to describe Kz....it will be better if you ask some questions to me)) P/S nothing common with Borat video
    btw your best friend's dad works in Kz as a volunteer?
    Oh...........nice!!!!! I'm good for today! I just finished my speech for diploma work and going to have a rest)))))how about you?
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