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    How Many Shoes Do You Own?

    I own 3 pairs of boots,four pairs of flats and sandals, 2 pairs of sneakers but one of them i might through out soon and three pairs of thoes keds shoes I wear all the time. so 8 pairs that i wear, and a couple just for gardening thats the old things to through away and not wear out in public.
  2. girlyfriendcollecting

    How To Stretch Out Shoes To Not Get Blisters?

    how do I stretch out shoes to not get blisters? I get blisters so easily, because most of the shoe options for women sandals and ballet flats are so uncomfortable in terms of material. I try wearing socks, still get blisters, try buying a bigger size then its too big, and there is not a lot of...
  3. girlyfriendcollecting

    What you see now on tv.

    I love 3rd rock from the sun, the series, the neighbors from abc, and most disney channel shows. I also really love the big bang theory and modern family. as you can tell ,im a big fan of tv comedy.
  4. girlyfriendcollecting


    Rhonda333 is right its a journey in life to figure out, you are not sure because you haven't tried more advanced things like a relationship with each gender. there is need to rush yourself to figure out a label if people question you just tell them your still trying to figure your sexuality out...
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    What is fashion?

    Fashion is what the majority of people like and want to wear. I think.
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    help problems at work with a guy

    thanks I did go to the HR. They said he no longer works there and they were right he quit the job. they said they can not do anything about this. they cant really fire someone for spreading rumors about someone else.
  7. girlyfriendcollecting

    help problems at work with a guy

    thank you. I hope they will do something about it.
  8. girlyfriendcollecting

    Been battling with this toxic relationship. Need help!

    Rhonda is right, you should not put with with any kind of abuse no matter what not mental or physical. you are robbing yourself of a good life and him of getting mental help. you should try and get a lawyer. you should focus to get a divorce. You can represent yourself if you can not get a...
  9. girlyfriendcollecting

    Have You Ever Had An Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction?

    I did a handstand in a loose shirt next thing i know all the guys are laughing because i see my whole shirt around my wrists.
  10. girlyfriendcollecting

    help problems at work with a guy

    I need help with this issue at work. there is this guy I used to be friends with, he is a coworker and we talked on snap chat, we would send pictures of my day to day life but at a certain point he started sending nude pictures and videos of himself to me i stopped being friends with him and...
  11. girlyfriendcollecting

    would you ever get back with someone who cheated on you?

    yea I Definitely agree. So you think there is something he can say that will make you forgive him? I do not care about the explanation because I think that I would never cheat and I personally dont see any good reason to cheat. so i cant think of any explanation that a guy could tell me that...
  12. girlyfriendcollecting

    What are some of your personal fashion rules?

    I like cargo pants, sports clothes and professional suits. I dont really have rules because my taste changes but these styles I have always liked since early teens.
  13. girlyfriendcollecting

    How Long You Date Before You Get Married?

    why cant it go back to the way it was when you were dating? you can still go on dates and pretend like its a second date, unless you have kids. I don't think that marriage should ruin things like that, time can, because things get boring.
  14. girlyfriendcollecting

    would you ever get back with someone who cheated on you?

    If a guy slept with another woman wile with you would you leave right away? if so would you ever get back with someone who cheated on you? If after twenty years of marriage, your husband cheated on you would you divorce? I would divorce anyone who cheated on me. No matter how much time I have...
  15. girlyfriendcollecting

    worried that parents can hear my vibrator

    I am worried my parents are able to hear my vibrator, my mom walked in on me with a vibrating toothbrush under the covers. (I loved that vibrating toothbrush for that). I stopped masturbating after that. at a certain point I let my self do it again and now I cant stop, I feel like masturbating...