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  • there isn't any specific kind of cloth i design,u kno anything come up in my mind i draw it on paper.i like mixing new styles together :happy:
    Hi Danielle.

    Am just wondering if you could wait just a little longer, I somehow clean forgot it is my birthday on Sat. so will be driving all the way home to celebrate......OMG I will no longer be a teenager, so I guess it is all downhill from now on!
    I promise faithfully I will be in contact early next week.
    Take care & stay safe.
    Kaye xx
    Hi Danielle.

    Yes I have received your lovely PM, and sorry for the delay yet again, I've just been so busy at uni at the moment.
    I promise I will be sending you a PM before the end of the week.
    And of course we are still friends, very good friends I hope.
    Please be patient with me.
    Take care & stay safe.
    Kaye xx
    I think you are wonderful member
    I wish to stay in our hearts
    and to be your best friend
    Best times
    Hi Danielle.
    Thank you so much for your help and for the link. :)
    I can now see why you like this gorgeous bikini, it is as I thought absolutely adorable. :)
    I have ordered two of them on line, one in peach (sorry I know that's the same as yours lol) and one in red.
    All I need now is for a nice hot summer to show them off and to get a nice tan as well. :)
    Thank you so much again for your kindness, and I do hope that we can keep in contact. :)
    Please do take care and stay safe.

    Kaye xx

    I would absolutely love to see a picture of your peach coloured bikini with rings instead of strings....it really sounds adorable.

    I have googled Victoria's Secret website but have been unable to find it.

    I just wondered if you could help me in any way.

    Thank you and please do take care & stay safe.
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