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Recent content by Farrah

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    Do mothers prefer boys over girls?

    In my family the boys can do no wrong. They can be nasty and be lazy and nothing happens. If a girl were to try that they would be 'cussed out' from morning till night? How is it in your family?
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    Tyler Perry

    This guy is obviously on a roll, he seems to have hit the mother lode. I haven't seen "Madea Goes to Jail" as yet but I've seen Madea in action before
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    What's you worst temptation?

    Mine is men...but I don't even know how to explain the temptation. I seem to just hook up with the wrong ones, and a lot of times, I know from day one that my choice was a bad one. I think I just love those kinds of challenges.
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    Victoria Secret model's wedding no longer a secret

    Seems like Patriots' QB Tom Brady can do much more than throw wicked passes - he can snag beautiful women too. The talented hunk got married to VS supermodel Gisele Bundchen in a most secret wedding on Thursday.
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    Subscription or News Stand?

    Subscriptions are cheaper but I much rather picking up magazines on the fly. That way I don't get stuck with issues that don't catch my fancy. If I see something on the stand that interests me, I just pick it up.
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    Another chapter in my life...ends...

    Well like you have said, another chapter ends - but the story is not yet finished. So it's time to start a new chapter - and this could be the best of them all. Take the weekend and mull over it, that's OK - but then, just get on with it quickly.
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    Taking a 'Break'

    All I can say about this take a break thing is that it doesn't work. In my albeit limited, experience, absence only makes the heart wander.
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    Emu Oil

    I have very dry skin and a friend recommended using emu oil. Emu oil comes from the emu bird of Australia. It rejuvenates the skin and helps with inflammation. Well I ordered it and I started to use it recently and it certainly lives up to the reputation my friend gave it. It makes your skin...
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    Wow...a 40-day fast. That's a heck of a diet. I prefer to look at the period as a time of reflection and meditation but I don't recall ever even trying of giving up anything. I'll think about it this time.
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    722 pound stingray caught

    Are these things edible? That would be quite a meal - or it could make a lucky fisherman some good money. In any case, if I ever came face to face with one of those things in the water, I'd done diddly done for.
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    Difficult Communications Among Siblings!

    What ages are you all? Growing up I saw a lot of this happening. erAround 10 years and into our teens, we were always a each others throats, so to speak, and needling each other. We just grew out of it.
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    Your faith and relationship

    This is not limited to Christianity. Every denomination, sect or group has rules that define them - usually going outside their boundaries are taboo. That is to be expected because going against the rules would mean going against the beliefs/customs of that group that you chose to be a part of.
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    My boyfriend and I have been fighting Lately

    In the meantime, recount if all is well with you. Are you feeling stressed? Is something at work/school/family bothering you? Try to eliminate any actions on your part that may be causing some conflict.
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    Babies Looking Like Parents

    Some babies don't look anything like their parents early on - but may have a strong resemblance to other relatives. Some start to show their parents' features later on as they get older.
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    Is Miley Cyrus a good Role Model?

    I am quite willing to accept that the troublesome teenager is Hannah Montana and the sweet role model is her alter-ego, Miley. That will explain everything.