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  1. Diommy

    The importance of adopting or owning a pet

    I have a dog and a cat. It's hard to care of them, but they really make my life more interesting.
  2. Diommy

    Studying abroad - Yes or No?

    Studying at an overseas university sounds cool. Several years ago I moved to another country and entered the university. I have a good knowledge of English and I thought that I wouldn't have any problems in learning. But no, for a long time I didn't understand all that my professors said, I...
  3. Diommy

    Stressing job

    You need to be able to distance yourself from this
  4. Diommy

    Too many clothes and did't know what to do...

    This is really familiar to me. I also have a lot of clothes, but I only wear a few outfits.
  5. Diommy

    Do you like online shopping for clothes?

    Yes, I like online shopping, but I can't always imagine what thing is really needed in my wardrobe and what things won't suit me.
  6. Diommy

    Thinking about Spring clothes

    I recently started to find many different fanny packs and I was wondering if these packs will be trending this year? I want to buy one. I like that there are many different models on the Internet and I can choose the pack in any style. I often wear dresses and skirts, so I wonder how well the...
  7. Diommy

    How Did You Find GirlsForum?

    A few years ago, my friend showed me this site and today I accidentally found this forum.
  8. Diommy

    Practicing hairstyles during the lock-down

    This is a really great idea! I also started looking for a video with instructions on how to make beautiful hairstyles. I think it’s even good for me
  9. Diommy

    Would you want to be a fashion model?

    No. It was never my dream ... Perhaps a designer of beautiful clothes .... Mmmm, I'll think about it.
  10. Diommy

    Toxic friends...

    It seems to me that you need to separate a little from your friends and this will help you figure this out.
  11. Diommy

    My boyfriend got angry because I bought clothes with money he earned

    I believe that if you do not have a common budget, then you should have discussed with him the purchase of clothes for you.
  12. Diommy

    What's your opinion on women posting nudes?

    This is their decision and their body, so I find it normal. I know that I couldn't post my nude photos but not because I'm against it, because I'm shy.