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  1. davie2010

    Is Honey good for you?

    I just bought some orange blossom honey and it is amazing!!!!
  2. davie2010

    What is your favorite scent?

    Yes - I like musky scents too - as long as they are not too strong. I think that’s why I like the combination with more floral tones
  3. davie2010

    Shampoo criticism

    Oh that’s interesting- did it make your hair feel like it had more body?
  4. davie2010

    Shampoo criticism

    I totally agree.... my cousin was like really giving me a hard time over using a cheap shampoo last year when i stayed over her house for a couple of weeks. so i tried using her expensive brand and i didn't like it as much at all.... so i'm still using a cheap brand!
  5. davie2010

    Is having calloused feet a good thing?

    I don't know.... but I think of callouses as being a bad think. I mean they are just so unattractive and hard. Also, they seem to irritate the skin around them. I know that during the summer when i go barefoot a lot the skin on the bottom of my feet gets tougher and I kind of think of that as...
  6. davie2010

    Last film you watched?

    How was it? We were t hiking of watching it. I watched Spontaneous this past weekend.
  7. davie2010

    where do i meet guys?

    that is a bummer.... sorry :-( but his loss! its so hard to meet guys these days!
  8. davie2010

    What is your favorite scent?

    There is one i really love... we're not supposed to put brand names here.... but it's like mostly apricot blossom with just a hint musk...
  9. davie2010

    Hello Beautiful and strong ladies

    Hi.... Nice to meet you!!! Welcome!
  10. davie2010


    awww... yeah - i am really shy also. i have to work really hard to get over my shyness and i'm not very successful a lot of the time. Just think of some simple topics that you could talk with him about and then have little just have a few little chats with him so you can get comfortable...
  11. davie2010

    What is your favorite scent?

    I am definitely more of a fan of floral scents... although i do not like any scent that is too strong. I use mostly body sprays that i sort of spray into the air and then walk through.... lol
  12. davie2010

    Is Honey good for you?

    I love honey so i sure hope its good for me! I have definitely read that it has healthful properties, especially raw honey.
  13. davie2010

    What are your favorite clothes to wear at the moment

    I'm so glad to be starting to break out my warm weather clothes!!! Yay for shorts and short sleeves :)
  14. davie2010

    Anyone ever try anime style space buns?

    yeah... I've tried them as well. i haven't done a very good job with them and they never looked right on me either. Although, i'm not sure even if i could do them perfectly that they would look good on me.
  15. davie2010

    Would you travel to?

    omg... i would LOVE to go to Spain. We have a family friend who lives in Valencia and she sends us the most beautiful pictures!!!