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  1. dahlia84

    Break up advise

    Like every one else said, tell the guy all by yourself. It is nothing wrong! Not everyone can love every one in this world. Tell him the exact reason what makes you wanna breakup. Make it in a polite way though :)
  2. dahlia84


    I am more into animated movies. Finding nemo is the ever best animated movie I have seen in my life! Apart from that I also, like to watch Horror, adventure and crime oriented movies. I hate romantic movies for they always have a known climax!
  3. dahlia84

    Shy guys

    Are you shy Angelina? If not, there really is not much problem. If you both are shy then there is a trouble on who to start the talk first. If you think you can an easy go and out-spoken person, you can be the first person to start the talk :) There is nothing wrong in it as long as you fancy him!
  4. dahlia84

    Parent Relationships

    I live with my parents and I have no problems with them. They are very supportive, encouraging and cheerful :) At the moment, it is just my parents and my mates who keep me going.
  5. dahlia84

    My preferred method

    I don't grow much hair on my body except for the underarms and legs which needs to be shaved very rarely (like once in a month). As the doctors says there is nothing much to worry about it. It is all with the less amount of keratin hormone that my body produces.
  6. dahlia84

    Lip Plumper

    I have a natural therapy to get one's lips plumped up. Try using cinnamon oil. It will not burn and will not give you immediate results but sure will show you the best results.
  7. dahlia84

    Any Only Childs Here?

    I am also the only daughter for my parents. It was awesome, I get pretty much whatever I want. On the other hand, I felt lonely at times. If I ever break something I had no one else to put the blame on Lol Also, there was no one to giggle with at night and share secrets before I fall asleep. I...
  8. dahlia84

    How has motherhood changed you?

    Motherhood is really amazing. We start to live and take care of another life. Our life always revolves around our children. Not forgetting to mentions, the amount of time you sleep is reduced at least 50% but at the end of the day, you feel happy despite of tiredness and a long day!
  9. dahlia84

    Electric Shaver

    Yeah, Electric shavers are a lot safer than any other methods. I have seen few girls using razor instead of electric shavers. They feel it easy may be because they don't have to charge it or carry the plug & wire around Lol
  10. dahlia84

    Prom Hairstyle

    My way of prom hairstyle would be, to take a section of my hair at the top of my head at brush back(like how I do a quif) then put a band around it and push the hair forward into a bouffant (Isn't that how it is spelt? lol) so that the hair is raised up. I am not sure if I explained it the...
  11. dahlia84

    Josh Halloway

    There is an actor in the Bollywood with more or less the same looks like him. He is named John Abraham (Google for his pictures). He got all the characteristics which you girls were talking about Josh Holloway! Unfortunately he is taken :p
  12. dahlia84

    What to use for college?

    Lol so true! It is funny to see girls carrying them shopping bags for college. I wonder, won't the other students in the college make fun of them? I bet they gonna be teased big time!
  13. dahlia84

    Neon colors

    I fancy neon colors but not very much. Normally colors like neon green or Hot pink would be good with a neutral color (like black or brown) but they may not suit well together. I have seen few bright colors being paired together which look really good. It however depends on the outfit.
  14. dahlia84

    Are you a Comper?

    I love competitions! Especially, the ones related to logo or website designing. I am a Senior member of two design contest forums where I have also won some 20 to 50 dollars in website layout and banner design. It would be great if we have such competitions here in out Girls Forum :)
  15. dahlia84


    Yeah, exactly right! Undergoing Surgeries or using injections to get rid of wrinkles is not advisable. Ladies can rather try using couple of the anti-wrinkle solutions available in the market. Besides, as we grow older, it is natural to have wrinkles. If you stay wrinkle-less even when you are...