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  1. Chocoholique

    Advice needed - very confused!

    I would say that you should wait a while and see what happens, men can be confused sometimes. I mean my boyfriend bought me a necklace which had the letter of his first name on instead of mine, my friends and other classmates thought it was weird that he would write his name on anything even if...
  2. Chocoholique

    I Think I May Have A Rival.

    That's a good idea, but being a close friend I mean constantly in her home, friends since ten years of age when she first moved to my school. Her mother and her are like two peas in a pod and develop similar interests, her big brothers are more like her best friend and her father? He's their...
  3. Chocoholique


    Nice to meet you! I'm Chocoholique and I love food too. I guess I'm sort of awkward when it comes to introductions and meeting new people. I hope you have a wonderful time on this forum.
  4. Chocoholique

    I Think I May Have A Rival.

    This slightly worries me. I have this friend who is close, funnily enough she and her boyfriend were the reason why my boyfriend had the courage to ask me out. I feel like she loves attention and craves it when it is currently not on her. She directs the topic onto herself by murmuring a few...
  5. Chocoholique

    What's your favorite T.V. show?

    A big fan of Pretty Little Liars. The whole mystery of 'A' really sold me. Also, Scream Queens. I had to admit it was slightly different to what the trailer suggested but all in all it was fun attempting to guess who the 'Red Devil' may be, I really hope season two can be just as good, or even...
  6. Chocoholique

    on a bus....

    That may be the reason why, and it explains his behaviour. But it might also be the case that he was taking advantage of you as you were drunk and unaware of your actions. But he did care for you during the time, so it may be a possibilty. If you want my opinion, I think the story is cute, a boy...
  7. Chocoholique

    Thought On Michelle Phan?

    Michelle Phan, most may say she has changed incredibly from being open with her viewers and suscribers to being dreamy and acting like a fairy. I have to disagree, I still admire her. She has fun being adventurous with her make-up and currently has a few businesses up and running, it is nice...
  8. Chocoholique

    Is it wierd for me to need protection from my little sister?

    I'm normally the one protecting my little sister who is now ten years of age, I wouldn't say it is at all. It's just stereotypical presuming that the elder sibling should protect the younger one. I have a friend who's sister has scared the whole of her class by beating up one of her own friends...
  9. Chocoholique

    Want some party ideas.

    Party planning must be fun, I have never been put in charge but still get my points through. Perhaps you could change the location? You never really mentioned where the party may be held,but if it is the same old cliché gym, you might want it to be different. You could try asking permission to...
  10. Chocoholique

    My wedding date

    I would't personally put belief into an app, I believe that if it does happen then it is purely a coincidence. It is up to you who want to be with and what may come of your future together. But I hope you find the person you think is right or you and live a long and happy life.
  11. Chocoholique

    The Either\Or Game

    Chicken salad sandwich, I dislike tuna particularly due to the texture of the food. Love in the world or Peace in the world.
  12. Chocoholique

    Ask a Question to the Member After You

    I speak five languages, including English of course. The other four are Bengali, Urdu, Arabic and French. If you moved out of your parents' house, would you still eat her food, cook it yourself or order take-out? (I know this is a weird question but my mother will not stop nagging me about the...
  13. Chocoholique

    High Heels.

    I am 5''6, and I am fourteen years old. Although I may be of average or even above average height for my age, I find myself walking in heels. I do wear sneakers and comfortable flats from time to time but possessing such a personality where I think I am always under dressing no matter where I go...
  14. Chocoholique

    He Said 'I Love You'

    Thank you for your reply. I guess I have given him a chance and he has proved well, it has been the most happiest two months of my life and I am really happy.
  15. Chocoholique

    Your Favourite YouTubers

    ThatcherJoe is a good YouTuber, isn't he! He just wants to make you laugh and the weird things he does just does the trick. I would say that probably an hour minimum is what I spend on YouTube.