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    oh, really? i thought it looked nice in the pictures.....
    Wow!!!! you are lucky to live in such a pretty place!!!! :)
    I study C++ and C#. I study at the University for 5 years and I want to continue my education, I want study project management.
    oh me too!! it's nice to have someone here who shares ur language, religion and culture. I live in Bahrain, Arabian Gulf, u certainly know it. oh me too!! no it's not, I used it cuz I love it, besides it's the closest English name to my real name, which is Zainab. what's urs??
    IT means "Information technology" mainly I study geographic information systems like Google Maps. Do u study any programming language?
    yup, that would be perfect!! no problem!! :)
    oooh nice to meet u, yup, I'm from Bahrain, from your neighboring continent!! XD
    oh, u better do, they're extremely fun and u can always learn some thing or two.
    oh I love Charles Dickens, I only read one book by him, Oliver Twist, and it's a masterpiece!! oh Arabic is my mother tongue, English is just a second language!!
    umm, interesting!! just pick the one u think is better for u, the one u like most and think u'll do better at!! and u may also think about the job market and what it needs more, whether it was teachers or programmers!! and good luck!!
    OH, u read in Arabic?? where r u from?? my official language is Arabic, being from Bahrain, but I prefer English, I enjoy reading in it more, besides I'm already studying English literature, so it's like, I HAVE to read in English!! oh I read nothing but novels, whether the ones I choose or the ones I study at college!! what about u??
    wish u'd always be!! ^_^ oh ya, I'm a sophomore, studying English literature!! what about u??
    oh I love reading, it's my fav hobby!! yup, English is the only language I read in!! and u??
    Totally agree with you about the weather) I'm from Ukraine (Eastern Europe) do you study?
    awww thanx!!! that is awesome...i will check out that site :)
    hi again! i see that your favorite book is The Holy Quran.. that is really interesting. I have heard alot about the Quran but don't really know much about it. Is it something that is difficult to read? just interested.... i know i have tried to read part of the bible, but its like really difficult.
    oh...thats ok..i don't mind - i can certainly see why.. i mean this is "Girls"Forum! lol
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