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  1. Brainwreck

    Gay Adoption...for or against?

    I totally agree to what you said. Any couple who feels like they can support a child and can do a good job is a good parent. It doesn't matter who you like to be with, if you can give love and generosity you are ok to be a parent.
  2. Brainwreck

    what is twitter like? OPINIONS

    my father will not let me have a twitter account, but said i needed some an opinions from some people. if you have twitter and know pretty much everything I'd like it if you'd reply.
  3. Brainwreck

    Do you support abortion?

    I can see your point but you didn't think of the girls who didn't have a chance or choice. Some girls who are innocent are going to have a child of a father that has forced it to happen. Honestly, i think it would hurt a lot more for both the child and the mother. For the child, do you think it...