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  1. Athar.Varga

    PMS time!!

    Thank you for all those lovely advice. Lavender oil sound good. :)
  2. Athar.Varga

    PMS time!!

    Hi Girls, How do you handle the PMS time? I do workout to fight the pain, meditate and try to relax, but can't really fight the anxiety attacks that come almost every night for a minimum 10 days before my period. Any advice for me ladies?
  3. Athar.Varga

    Spring shoes

    I love them ;)
  4. Athar.Varga


    I'm in love with Cuban music, Sia, Rihana and Ricky Martin :D
  5. Athar.Varga

    What TV Show do you like

    I'm horrible choosing TV shows as well, but la casa de papel is a nice Spanish series
  6. Athar.Varga


    Hi Nicole :)) I'm missing meeting my bff and traveling to Greece :D Hope all will be back to normal soon !!
  7. Athar.Varga

    Hello Girls :)

    Hi Girls, I'm new here. How are you doing? My name is Athar from Hungary. Hope everybody is happily safe :)