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    Howdy Everyone

    We have upgraded to our latest version of our forum software. The style will be changing at some point but let me know if you see anything off or have any questions!
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    Quick Announcement

    Hi everyone, I see there are quite a few new faces around here and that makes us happy here at Girls Forum! We just wanted to let you know that we are looking into a revamp of our rules and guidelines as well as including some new features that you all may enjoy. Always nice to take a good...
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    Hey girls !

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    new year, new hobby

    Welcome to the forums Nicole.
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    Hi. I'm Ashlee

    Welcome to the forums Ashlee.
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    What's up, everyone :)! Can't wait to meet you all!

    Welcome to the forums
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    New Here

    Welcome to the forums Kelly
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    Hey :)

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    Last film you watched?

    I'm your huckleberry.
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    Looking For New Moderators

    Hi all, Activity has been getting better and better at GirlsForum and we would like to have 1 or 2 of you become moderators here so that we can help keep things heading in the right direction. A moderators basic job is to make sure that topics stay on target, spam is removed from the forum and...
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    Hello there!! :)

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    How to make money online for a teen?

    Find something you enjoy and figure out how it can translate into being popular for others with similar interested on the internet.
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    Hello! my name is Elisa

    Welcome :)
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    Hello, not my real name, but you can call me Faela :)

    Welcome to the forums :)
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    Hey girl, Come here often?

    Welcome :)