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  1. _Jessica_

    The WOULD YOU RATHER game!

    Be single. Would you rather go back in time or stop time?
  2. _Jessica_

    Does he like me?

    It's okay to make moves but not invading you personal space. I think you should ask him directly what's his problem. But, if you like him too, you should flirt a bit too but not too much!
  3. _Jessica_

    Girls, what would rate this guy out of 10?

    He needs a hair cut or at least brush his hair. Needs to shave. I don't want to judge a book by its cover but, I agree with Sandy that's kind of a [email protected]#$ boy pose. I'll give him a 6
  4. _Jessica_

    I need advices!

    Well we went out on a date. I followed all your advices. Though, I let him hold my hand but I think that's fine. He confessed that he liked me. And we're kind of dating now. But the thing is, I'm moving to another country and his family doesn't seem to like me except for his older brother. And...
  5. _Jessica_

    Latest movie seen

    Dread Out
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  7. _Jessica_

    The Either\Or Game

    Dancing Dark colored nails or light colored nails?
  8. _Jessica_

    Do you support abortion?

    I'm in between. I support because, just thinking the pain the rape victims go through. Raising up the child of the person who disrespected you and took advantage of you. Who knows, the child might even suffer, the mother might take out her anger on the child. I do not support because, no one...
  9. _Jessica_

    I need advices!

    I kinda don't want to get my hopes up because I might get hurt. What do you mean the older brother too? I do think I like him, cause I really can't get him out of my head.
  10. _Jessica_

    Recommend A Book!

    I Was Here by Gayle Forman
  11. _Jessica_

    Drinking Before Hanging Out

    Some people, use alcohol to calm themselves. So, I think your friend might be like that. But, I suggest being careful, if he does like you and only the two of are going out especially if he's drunk. Yes, he might be your friend but some people change when they're drunk.
  12. _Jessica_

    I need advices!

    So in my whole 17 years on Earth, I have only been in 1 relationship that only lasted for 3 months. I have had multiple crushes but most of them I haven't talked to and just based on their looks. But, last week I met this guy for the first time in my life and I immediately liked him. We were at...
  13. _Jessica_

    Does he like me???

    Thanks for the advice!!
  14. _Jessica_

    Does he like me???

    So, in my school boys and girl are separated from each other but I like a boy in the same bus as me. He's so handsome, so I decided to sit behind him at the bus. But I notice that whenever I arrive at the bus I notice him standing outside beside the bus like he's waiting for someone. But when I...
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    Hi I'm Jessica, 16 years old. I love music and fashion! I'm looking forward to this forum.