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  1. LaurenTaylor
    Hairdresser, in the UK. Have a cute boyf. Have two cats.
  2. Ximena
    Student. love travel, fashion, illustration, videogames, books, science, chemistry :3
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  3. Iuliia
    IT Specialist, Blogger And Just Happy Iuliia. Live in Kyiv, Ukraine. Love travelling, fashion, books and my cat.
  4. khadijaBeauty
    Beauty Blogger
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  5. Aurora Rithika
  6. Prjon
    always on the search 4 newest trends of fashion, health, makeup tips and suggestions. So, I will always post findings that I come across.
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  7. Leigh Graham
    Leigh Graham
    Forever in search of bargains :D
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  8. Patchot193
    Patchot193 girlyfriendcollecting
    Hi, i think we are on the same boat. I don't know where i can privately message you so i just posted here on your wall,i would like to talk to you. :)
  9. Patchot193
    Let's be friends :)
  10. Catapult
    Off to uni for another year ^3^
  11. Rina
    Today is my birthday!! yay!!!!:)
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  12. Ellena
    Good to be here
  13. JessT
    Minding my friend's cat
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  14. minchi
    Hello ^^
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  15. Sundress
    More people should join this forum, it could be so much less dead, guys.
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  16. Shn1010
    This forum is dead
  17. Shn1010
    Many of these threads are old. LOL
  18. Elisara
    We rise by lifting others. Love is all there is.
  19. Bobinette
    Hi there, here to make new friends and girlfriends so drop me a few lines please if interested and will answer for sure.
  20. Bobinette
    Bobinette shopaholic
    Hi there how are you?